Why Are Pandas Endangered?

As we all know, the giant panda (scientific name panda) is a first-class state protection animal in China. It is China's national treasure. The reason to get this treatment, don't just because they are cute, the mainly reason is they are rare. The panda has been on the verge of extinction. So what led to the giant panda endangered?

1.Deforestation. At least 10,000 hectares of panda habitat were deforested every year. Around 2.5 square kilometers of pandas' habitat was disappeared annual. (Kleiman et al,1991)

2.Excessive capture. From the mid of 1950s, more than 240 pandas has been captured from the wild and has been exhibited home and abroad. According to the panda life table analysis, which should take 12 years for a generation. The population growth is very slowly. If a large number of panda be captured, it will take decades to recovery.

3.In recent years, unlawful hunting, smuggling panda skin have often occurred.

4.Giant panda population distribute in more than 25 isolated islands. This population isolation and segmentation is an important factor in long-term to treat their population. Small groups' inbreeding reduces fertility, juvenile survival rate and resistance to disease. Finally, "island" members will disappear.

5.Due to the expansion of the human activities, panda was forced to retreat to the hilltop. The species of bamboo are very simple. If the bamboos are flowering, there will be no space for maneuver. Only in 1975, Minshan region bamboo was flowering, more than 138 pandas died. In 1980s, Qionglai large mount of bamboos were flowering. After the disaster, people found 108 giant pandas the bodies, and other 33 panda died after rescue. The total numbers of death are 141.

6.In giant panda's habitat, illegal mineral exploitation, deforestation and poaching also a threat.

7.Panda only can birth few offspring. Usually panda only breed once every 2 years. Only 2 baby panda can be breed once. Further more, the panda mum have no energy to feed them all.

8.Food feature. Panda's recipes are very special, which almost include all types of bamboo in the high mountain. Panda occasionally eat meat (usually they are dead animals. sometimes are the rhizomys). Bamboo lack of nutrition, only can provide the basic nutrients for survive. Panda like to eat the most nutritious part of bamboo; also the parts contain least cellulose. Those are stems, buds and shoots. When bamboo flowering (every 30-120 years, bamboo would flower and die). At that time, the giant panda in this region will face starvation.

9.Giant Panda's Breeding Features. Females age of sexual maturity at 3-4 years old. Males age of sexual maturity is 5 years old. Young males in a lower position in their hierarchy, they should wait to 7-8 years can have a chance to mate. From 4 to 20 years old, Female can birth once every 2-3 years. Artificial feeding panda can living 30 years or longer, but the wild panda just can survive 20 years.

10.Panda's natural enemy. In panda's habitat areas, they also have some enemies, such as golden cat, leopard, jackal, wolf, yellow-throated marten, etc. However, they are mainly attack panda's baby, old and sick, because the young and strong panda are still ferocious like their carnivorous ancestors. Panda looks so cute in the zoo. However, if they are enraged, they also will hurt people.

From panda birth, growth, panda is gradually declining. They are fragile populations. Also the external conditions grow worse, Panda's quantity will decline, eventually leading to extinction.

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