Where to find Stuffed Panda Bear

The First Giant Panda Bear Found

In1869, French missionary Armand Pere David obtained a specimen of giant panda from Sichuan. Considering that pandas look like bears, he named it as Ursus melanoleucus A.David (Black-and-white Bear). Later, research has been conducted on the teeth and bones of giant pandas, and found that their characteristics are more like those of lesser pandas. So the creature is renamed as Aliuropoda melanoleuca David.

The First Giant Panda Bear Found by the Western World

Chinese discovered giant panda much earlier than the western world. The famous literatures Shangshu and Shijing published about 3,000 years ago in the Western Zhou dynasty named giant panda as “Pi”. Another geographical literature Shanhaijing published 2,500 years ago also read – “The black and white creature that looks like a bear is called a ‘Mo’”. In Western Jin Dynasty (1,700 years ago), giant panda was called “Zou Yu”. As they eat only bamboo and do not hunt, they can peacefully live together with other animals. Pandas are therefore called “kind beast” symbolising peace.

Where to Find or Buy the Stuffed Panda Bears

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Stuffed Panda Bear Toy Sitting

Every year, many foreign tourists come to visit the giant panda bears in Chengdu, China. The pandas are so cute. They love them too much. They often pick one or two stuffed panda toys for their children and friends. If you also want to have these cute pandas, you can find your favorite one in our store. Our pandas use the imported raw materials and have fine workmanship, which make toy panda looks like the real thing. We also sell the panda plush costume, panda backpacks, etc. Hope you can find your loved one in our store.

Why Choose Us

Pandas have the lovely appearance and docile personality which let them have large fans around the world. Also the stuffed giant panda bears are popular with the large fans who love pandas. Of course, The United States president's wife – Michelle and her children are also the panda fans.

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