What Do Giant Pandas Eat?

Giant Panda's main food is bamboo, but they also eat a lot of other things, such as panda biscuits, apples, carrots, etc.

Bamboo is the panda's favorite food, which account for 99% of panda's total food. Panda eats almost 25kg fresh bamboo every day. However, just 17% can be adsorbed. Currently, in panda's habitat, panda's main food – bamboo's types have 4o species of 9 genera.

In order to ensure panda's nutritional needs, we also provide the right amount of concentrate feed, fruits and vegetables to them. The wild pandas would prey on some small animals like rhizomyid.

Giant panda's special digestive system

Panda has a typical animal digestive tract: single ingle-chamber stomach, no cecum. Panda eats bamboo for living. In addition to the digestion and absorption of bamboo cells containing substances, can only use part of the hemicellulose due to the lack of the ability of microorganisms to digest. The discharge bamboo shape is almost no change in the resolution. This unique way to digest nutrients is difficult to see in either carnivores or herbivores animals. Bamboo is a low – nutrition foods. In order to maintain normal growth and breeding, panda had to eat more, excrete fast, select good quality bamboo, don't hibernate and less exercise and less consumption, etc.

Staff is weighting good for pandas. What to eat every meal and how much to eat have a fixed amount.

Staff is cutting the pandas biscuits.

fresh bamboo for pandas

drinking milk

milk for pandas

staff is smashing the hard bamboo for panda

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