Panda Bear Costume

"Breeders disguise Giant Panda" named Best Picture by British magazine

"Breeders disguise giant panda" was the only selected works of China on 2010. The picture got the high praise at home and abroad. "New Scientist" magazine said:" The men in disguise looked like wicked men, designed to capture the panda. However, in fact they are biologists from the "Wolong Hetaoping" wild giant panda training base. The reason dressed like that, is to reduce the contact of the wild giant panda baby and human.

panda bear costume

Breeders in disguise are so cute. Do you want to have such a cute panda costume like theirs? You can buy the panda costume on now.

Panda Costume Style I: Waistcoat/Hoodie

This panda costume(panda waistcoat) is a warm plush vest, can be worn in autumn and early winter. When you and your children wear this Parent-child outfit with lovely hood, you can immediately arouse the admiration by passerby. Just wear it with a T-shirt or a sweater or something else will look so wonderful.

Panda Costume

In order to meet the different height's children, we offer a variety sizes for you choose. If you are willing to wear the same vast with your children, it is possible. Please be sure to choose the right size.

  • XSmall: length 58cm(including the hood 23cm), shoulder breadth 28cm, width31cm, suggest height:90cm
  • Small: length 68cm(including the hood 25cm), shoulder breadth 31cm, width 37cm, suggest height:90—110cm
  • Middle: length 74cm(including the hood 26cm), shoulder breadth 36cm, width 49cm , suggest height:115—155cm
  • Large: length 80cm(including the hood 27cm), shoulder breadth 41cm, width 50cm, suggest height: 150-170cm

This Waistcoat can be worn both indoors and outdoors. In cold weather, put on this cloth will lovely and warm.

This panda costume has four different sizes for choose: Xsmall, Small, Middle, Big.

Panda Costume Style II

Meanwhile, in order to meet other customers need, we also provide another One-piece panda costume.

Panda Costume

This costume uses the high quality plush material, with lovely design and exquisite workmanship. Your baby can wear it both spring and autumn or winter. It will be your wardrobe collection.

Panda Costume

Please refer the cloth size:

Panda Costume Size

This costume just can be worn by baby and little child. Please refer the blow Model.

This panda costume has five different sizes for choose: Size1, Size2, Size3, Size4 and Size5.

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