Facts About Pandas

1. Does panda hibernate?

2. Panda is afraid of cold or hot?
Panda is afraid of hot, isn't afraid of cold.

3. Can panda climb trees?
Yes, they are climbing master.

4.Can panda swim?
Yes, they are.

5. How about Panda's hearing and smell?
Very sensitive

6.How about panda's sight?
They are living in the mountains for a long period. They are inborn nearsightedness, poor eyesight.

7. Does panda eat meat?
Panda's ancestors are carnivores. So far they still retain some of the characteristics. They also eat meat.

8 How many kilograms of an adult panda?
It weighs 80-150 kilograms.

9 How long is the life of panda?
Under the rearing conditions, Panda's longest lifespan record was more than 30 years.

10 How long is the panda's pregnancy?
Panda's gestation period is 129 days to 159 days, generally is 145 days to 159 days. Under the breeding conditions, panda's gestation period is 84 days to 160 days.

11 How old can panda birth?
4-5 years old, the female panda can mate. At 5 years old can birth the first baby.

12 Panda papa, panda mum and baby are liver together?
Male panda will leave female panda after mating. Since then, the female panda will birth and raise the panda baby alone. When panda baby 1.5 – 2.5 years old, they will leave mum and grow up themselves. Then the female panda will mate again.

13 Panda can make a sound or not?
When panda birth, they can make sounds. The sound is very loud. When they grew up, they are less purring. Adult panda just make sounds during the rut.

14 Panda has six fingers? Has tail or not?
Panda only has 5 fingers. However, their wrist sesamoid extends. People always call it pseudo thumb" or "sixth finger", but there is no phalanx, it is the wrist. Panda has tail. It is 20cm length, fat and white hair. And also the tail is always close to the buttocks, so it easily be ignored.

15 Where are panda live? Cave or nest?
Female panda will use the cave to raise the baby panda. More pandas use the tree holes. There were no records about panda nest.

16 Where are pandas living in winter? What do they eat?
They stay in the low altitude mountain and bamboo groves. They eat bamboo leaves and stems.

17 Panda's hair is pure white and pure black?
Panda's hair is not so white. In fact, panda's hair is not so white and black as we look. Their black hairs are with brown transparent, white hairs are with yellow. These colors are in favor of hidden in the jungle and snow ground and can't be easily found by their enemies. The hair is the protective color.

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